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Gluten-Free Blogs

I thought I would update my gluten-free blog list on this website and as I got going with typing up little snippets about each blog, it just got amazingly huge. When I started blogging here a year and a half ago, I think there were only a handful of gluten-free blogs and websites and I was grateful for each and every one of them as I explored the Brave New World of Gluten-Free Cooking.

Below is a smorgasbord of 135 (!) gluten-free blogs that I was able to visit. Bloggers are listed alphabetically and are actively blogging away as I type this. Probably a few new ones just launched. If you would like to add your blog to this list, and heaven knows I must apologize right now for not being able to know about or visit them all, please leave a comment below.

There is probably a gluten-free blogger that shares your cooking style, whether you are an adventurous cook who likes to dip into a variety of international cuisines; a mom in need of kid-friendly recipes; a budget-conscious gourmand; someone who loves to bake and is in need of retooling for the gluten-free kitchen. I hope this list and summary helps ease you into the GF lifestyle. I know I am grateful for all the camaraderie, recipes and information I have gleaned from the fantastic and supportive Gluten-Free blogging community.

Absolutely Not Martha - Jackie blogs about La Vida Gluten-Free, fashion, recipes, and GF celebrities. She also runs Vanilla Spoons, a GF gift basket company.

Angela's Kitchen - There's a lot of scrumptiousness going on at this gluten-free and dairy free cooking blog. Angela's also got lots of tips for dining out safely in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and a spectacular GF Lemon Layer Cake recipe.

Aprovechar - Sally's got lots of healthy, gluten and other allergen-free recipes and meal plans, along with a dollop of contemplative essays about women's health and the importance of nurturing one's self.

Asparagus Thin - Manda is a Philadelphian and gluten-free, vegetarian blogger. Baking is her passion.

The Baking Beauties
- Jeannine is a Manitoba Mom who knows her way around the kitchen and is navigating a new gluten-free lifestyle just, well, beautifully! Great baking recipes and photos.

Baking for John - A non-celiac wife learning how to bake gluten-free for her celiac husband. Hmmm. That sounds familiar!

Blackbird Bakery - This Texas custom gluten-free bakeshop is run by Karen Morgan, and you'll find many delicious GF dessert recipes and a lovely side of art on her creative blog.

Book of Yum - Vegetarian with some fish and seafood recipes added, this blog features a lot of Asian recipes and recipes that are not only gluten-free, but dairy and egg free. Book of Yum also has a lot of raw food and vegan recipes to try and is the home of the monthly Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event.

Bowl of Soul - Aimee is the adventurous and positive soul blogging about La Vida Gluten-Free at this stylish blog.

Brazen's Culinary Adventures - Brazen is an Aussie mom with lots of gluten-free and child-pleasing recipes on her blog.

Celiac Chicks - These New York City gals know where all the good gluten-free restaurants, delis, pizzerias and foodie havens are and also dish out good gluten-free advice about travel. If you sign up for their email newsletter you can also enter contests for free gluten-free products.

Celiac Princess - Vanessa's blog is full of news, links and tips for leading a happy, healthy GF life. She is the author of "Beyond Rice Cakes", about living with celiac disease and a new cookbook "Gloriously Gluten-Free".

Celiac Snack - Bill's blog covers news, food, and insights into living Gluten Free in the U.S.

Celiacs in the House - A thrifty mom of two teenagers (now that sounds familiar!) in Columbus, Ohio reports on her gluten-free home cooking experiments and thrifty meal ideas.

Celiac Teen - Lauren's a Canadian teenager interested in good food and fashion and she is one fabulous baker!

Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog - Chaya is a New York mom, teacher and bubbe (grandma)who cooks gluten-free and kosher. You'll find lots of great home cooking here, but no chocolate recipes since her husband doesn't touch the stuff. Fortunately, Chaya gets her chocolate fix baking for her non-GF family and students.

Cinnamon Quill
- The Cinnamon Quill is a wonderfully talented baker (not to mention an awesome food photographer). All her recipes are vegetarian or vegan, in addition to being gluten free of course.

The Crispy Cook - Hey, that's my blog! Gluten-free and mostly vegetarian recipes, with the occasional fish and seafood recipe. Some product reviews, gardening posts and other fun stuff.

Daring to Thrive - Lauren's finishing up her PhD in social psychology in the Portland, Oregon area and reports of gluten-free recipes and doings in the Portland area.

Delightfully Gluten Free - Cassandra is actively involved with the North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group and shares her recipes, posts about celiac disease and product/restaurant reviews.

Die Hard Foodie - Kitschen recently eliminated wheat from her diet and gives out great recipes, travel tips and restaurant reviews on her blog.

Diet, Dessert and Dogs
- Ricki's the author of "Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar" and has a great vegan and gluten-free blog with lots of baking and healthy recipes. And the occasional canine photo op.

Don't Need No Stinkin' Wheat - This California grad student dishes up lots of fabulous food that is gluten- and lactose-free.

Eat This - Whole grains, natural ingredients, and sugar-free recipes are the focus of this Michigan blogger. You'll find plenty of vegetables and plenty of flavor and some gorgeous food photography to boot!

Elana's Pantry - Elana's a Little League baseball coach and Boulder, Colorado businesswoman whose elegant site promotes gluten-free cooking, healthy homemaking and environmentally-friendly information.

Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen - While not a gluten-free blog per se, there is a wonderful archive of gluten-free recipes on this popular food blog.

Faking it Gluten Free Style - Who can resist a blog with Betty Boop as the mascot? Great recipes abound on this excellent blog.

Fidgety Budgie - Lots of great recipes, knitting info, book reviews and ruminations from the life of this Portland, Oregon home cook.

Flour Arrangements
- Sophie's got a sweet tooth, and you'll find plenty of gorgeous photographs of her gluten-free baked goods with mouthwatering recipes.

For the Love of Food - Noosh is the host of this gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and soy-free blog with excellent recipes, including Persian culinary delights.

Free From - Lucy is a U.K. mother of three, one of whom is a celiac, and has years of experience documented in this blog about the gluten-free lifestyle, product reviews, and resource links.

Fresh Ginger - Ginger is a wheat-free, but not totally gluten-free blog (she can tolerate spelt) with loads of fabulous farm-fresh and international recipes. Look for her Appetizer and Cocktail Recipes of the Week. Awesome photography to boot!

The GFCF Experience - Blog host Thomas is a Montana father of four who feeds his family a gluten-free, casein-free diet. You'll find lots of great recipes, information about Autism Spectrum Disorder and parenting anecdotes.

Giddy Up Gluten Free - Dorothy's the artistic soul behind this Seattle-based GF and casein-free blog. Look for lots of adapted baking recipes and tips.

Gluten-Free Baking 101 - Elizabeth Barbone, author of the awesome "Easy Gluten-Free Baking" cookbook maintains this blog about baking tips and updates on her gluten-free baking classes and other information.

Gluten Free Philly - Get the scoop on new GF products, events and restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

Ginger Lemon Girl - Carrie is from North Carolina and has a particular penchant for gluten-free baking. She also hosts a Gluten-Free Girl interview feature which showcases other gluten-free bloggers and a Kid-Friendly Fridays event for gluten-free goodness that kids will lap up.

Gluten A Go Go - Sheltie Girl is a Westchester County, New York baker extraordinaire whose experiments with various wheat-free flours, thickeners and binders are inspirational and beautiful.

Gluten Free Anna - Anna is a young Hollywood actress who gives out the skinny on GF products recipes and traveling GF.

Gluten-Free Bay - Isaiah in upstate New York cooks up wonderful kosher, gluten-free food with an emphasis on heart-healthy recipes and food that is Ashkenazi Jewish, Ethiopian and Indian. Awesome stuff.

Gluten Free Cooking for a Busy Mom - I would agree that being the mom of four boys might tend to make one busy! Jen is a Wisconsin mom with lots of homestyle recipes to share.

Gluten Free Cooking School - Mary Frances has a tasty blog of recipes and wonderfully detailed cooking lessons for the beginning or advanced gluten-free cook.

A Gluten-Free Day - Wonderful gluten-free recipes and ethereal photography from Finland.

Gluten-Free Discoveries!
- This Boston-area teen blogs about restaurants and recipes and is one of those cool Daring Bakers, who produces beautiful and tasty GF delights each month.

Gluten Free Frenzy! - This Utah gal has plenty of recipes and health tips for the GF community and some great photos to boot!

Gluten Free for Good - Melissa is a nutritional therapist who blogs about the healthiest gluten-free recipes. Wonderful advice and information with the added bonus of lovely food photography.

Gluten Free Frugal - Here's a budget-conscious mom chronicling the gluten-free life with little kids in South Dakota.

Gluten-Free Fun - Erin is a New York City resident who has lived gluten-free with gusto for 25 years! You can find product and restaurant reviews, recipes, and other information.

Gluten-Free Girl - Shauna James Ahern married the Chef, published a book and had a perfect baby girl, all in one year. Her blog is more essay than recipe heavy, but when the recipes come, they are perfect and seasonally fresh. Make sure to buy her book, "Gluten-Free Girl" and make your local library buy it.

Gluten Free Gobsmacked - This girl Cheekalina can cook! Lots of great recipes for everyday comfort foods to the wildly exotic to all kinds of baking.

Gluten Free Goodness - Cheryl is an Alexandria, Virginia dietician whose blog features her tasty experiments in gluten-free and other allergen-free cooking.

Gluten-Free Greenie
- Wendy is an artist from North Carolina who provides delicious GF recipes and information about gluten-free dining and products in the Raleigh-Durham region.

Gluten-Free Guide - A stylish blog about life as a celiac with lots of recipes, travel tips, essential posts about Thanksgiving and cupcakes, and product/restaurant reviews.

Gluten-Free Guidebook - Hilary Davidson is a professional travel writer who was diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago. Her blog has information about celiac-safe dining in cities across North America, as well as Spain, Turkey, Peru and other countries.

Gluten-Free Hippie - Lyra's beautiful blog is gluten-free and features scrumptious vegan and raw recipes.

Gluten-Free Homemaker - Linda is a Maryland Mom homeschooling her three boys and cooking up delicious gf foods for her family.

Gluten Free in Cleveland - Dana's started a new blog about gluten-free dining options in the Cleveland, Ohio area and dispenses some tasty recipes and photos.

Gluten Free in Georgia (and Florida)- I guess I can't say it any better than Ginger in describing her blog, "Adventures in Gluten Freedom with a Crazy Southern Blogger Chick". Decadently good gluten-free and sugar-free recipes, witty writing and lots of fun and useful GF information from this Mass Communications Professor.

Gluten-Free in the Greens - Follow this blog by a Vermont school teacher now living in the Republic of Georgia for great eats and gluten-free travel advice.

Gluten-free is Life - Kim is the GF mom of two kids, one who needs to eat gluten-free as well, and she provides lots of healthy and kid-friendly recipes on her blog.

Gluten Free Journey - Dianne in the U.K. dishes about cooking gluten-free and experiments with lots of international cuisines.

Gluten-Free Kathy - The accent is on healthy eating for an active lifestyle on Kathy's blog.

Gluten Free Kay - She's a gardener, cook and excellent food photographer. Kay's gluten-free and has other food allergies, so check out this blog for lots of beautiful, tasty options if you or someone you cook for has a restricted diet.

Gluten Free LA - Jennifer shares gluten-free recipes and dining opportunities in the Los Angeles, California area.

Gluten-Free Maui - Amanda is "eating gluten-free on a rock in the sea", Maui, and has a fantastic, easy Southern Hot Pepper Sauce recipe you won't want to miss.

Gluten Free Mommy - Natalie is the North Carolina mom of two cute young sons and has lots of great, family-friendly recipes to share. She is also an incredible baker and the founder of the weekly Gluten-Free Menu Swap.

Gluten Free Momsense - Great parenting tips, recipes and resources from this Frederick, Maryland mom.

Gluten-Free Monkey - This mom cooks for her celiac son with diabetes, so look for lots of family-friendly, GF and sugar-free recipes.

Gluten Free Optimist - This Maryland blogger provides lots of GF product information, health news and a healthy dose of humor to wash it all down.

Gluten Free Portland - Dave provides the dish on gluten-free products, eateries and news in the Portland, Oregon area.

Gluten Free Raleigh - Zach is the dynamo behind this blog about celiac and wheat-free dining, meetings and shopping around the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area and has lots of other great health and other news of interest to the larger GF community.

Gluten Free Saratoga - Suzanne in Saratoga Springs, New York, dishes out great recipes, tips on gluten-free eateries and groceries in Saratoga County and other interesting tips.

Gluten Free South Africa - Irish-born Aylena lives in South Africa and blogs about the gluten-free life in the Southern Hemisphere with lots of tasty recipes.

Gluten Free Sox Fan - She's a lawyer married to an Aussie and has some really great recipes, including a homemade mushroom ravioli with pesto.

Gluten Free Steve - Steve gives out the skinny on gluten-free products, recipes, and restaurant/eatery reviews for those in the Denver, Colorado area.

- Lots of great information about gluten-free products, restaurants and other GF lifestyle information from California mom Nancy's blog.

Gluten Freeway - Navigating a gluten free life in Los Angeles is the focus of Stephen's new blog, with lots of product and restaurant reviews.

Gluten Hates Me, But I'm Surviving -Marlow is a Southern gal who's having way to much fun in the kitchen cooking great gluten free foods and inventing cool new kinds of martinis.

The Gluti Girls - A mother-daughter blogging team with lots of luscious recipes.

The Good Eatah - Life with this Massachusetts native involves gluten-free, dairy-free cooking, in between skydiving and biking trips.

Good Without Gluten - Jeff in North Carolina appreciates good food and has a great recipe blog. The polenta recipes are my favorites.

Grain Damaged - A Portland, Oregon gluten-free support group with great information on area restaurants, bakeries and gluten-free hot spots.

Happy to Be Gluten Free - Selina's new blog offers delicious, home-tested, family approved, gluten-free recipes. Most recipes are casein-free as well.

Hey, That Tastes Good!- Jill lives in Philadelphia and blogs about local gluten-free eateries and has some excellent recipes, as well as the occasional gluten-free travel report from Slovakia.

Hold the Gluten - Maureen is a New Jersey mom with lots of witty information and mouthwatering recipes about life on planet celiac. She even does podcasts...whoa!

I Am Gluten Free - Ellen is a musician and excellent cook, judging from the delectable range of gluten-free recipes on her popular blog.

It's Just Not Dinner Without Cat Hair -Sheri concocts some wonderful gluten-free recipes, particularly for baked goods, interspersed with cute pix of her cat and dog menagerie.

Jeena's Kitchen - Jeena is a U.K. food blogger with a ton of gluten-free recipes in her index. Her focus is healthy and fresh food, with an emphasis on Indian recipes. My family is hooked on her Onion Bhajis recipe and all the variations with other vegetables that we cook up.

Jennifer Gluten Free in Georgia - Jennifer has been living for years with celiac disease and is very knowledgeable about gluten-free foods and products and dining opportunities in the Georgia area.

Karina's Kitchen - Karina is the Gluten-Free Goddess, whose blog reflects her background as an artist and writer, with lots of gorgeous food photography. Karina's gluten-free and other allergy-friendly recipes have a Southwestern flavor and a focus on fresh and natural ingredients.

Kat's GF Kitchen - Albany, New Yorker Kat has a husband who has recently gone gluten-free and this blog chronicles her cooking adaptations and experiments.

Kill.the.gluten - Two sisters in law cook gluten-free in a stylish and tasty manner and also offer good gluten-free product reviews.

Lea is Gluten-Free - Lea lives in Western New York on a farm with lots of animals of all kinds and cooks up some wonderful things to eat. I've bookmarked quite a few of her recipes.

Life Gluten Free - A gluten-free blogger mom with an emphasis on sugar-free and healthy cooking and eco-friendly lifestyle tips.

Lilac Kitchen - A blogger over in the U.K. whose lovely pastel purple kitchen inspires her to bake up scrumptious and Daring things.

Li Loves David - Somewhere in the Southeastern U.S., Li blogs about her gluten-free world as a celiac, with the occasional scrumptious recipe.

Life After Gluten - Denver, Colorado pastry chef Tiffany learns to live La Vida Gluten Free after a celiac disease diagnosis. Great recipes and travel tips on dining safely in Mexico.

Living Without Wheat - Babyfro is the American hostess of this fun blog which explores recipes, products, and books for GF eaters.

Make Mine Gluten-Free - Another Coloradan named Tiffany has good information about gluten-free products and eateries.

Maple N' Cornbread - Jennifer is the Mississippi Maple lover who cooks up a storm for her gluten-free husband, with a particular passion for baking.

Modern Day Celiac Hippie - Celiac Mama is new to the gluten-free life, but her blog shows how she's coping, cooking and raising two kids with grace and style.

More Gluten-Free Options - Blogging from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stacey provides lots of information about GF dining, product reviews, bakeries and the occasional gluten-free recipe.

Mrs. G.F. - Lots of great recipes for kids and for easy, tasty meals from the Slacker Mom.

No Gluten, No Problem
- Kelli and Peter Bronski blog about recipes and gf living and are the authors of "Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking."

Only Sometimes Clever - An Arizona homeschooling mom who blogs about the gluten-free lifestyle, books, GF products and hiking.

Pig in the Kitchen - This U.K. pig is one of the funniest food writers out there and her recipes for her family of many allergies are great to boot. Throw in some great food photos and it's a blog party!

Please Don't Pass the Nuts - This New York City psychotherapist and social worker shares recipes and lifestyle advice for gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and other -free diets.

Rachel's Recipe Box - This New England homeschooling mommy's blog contains a wealth of gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and advice about healthy living.

Radish Boy - A mom's blog about trying out recipes to feed her multiply-allergic son.

So Familiar a Gleam - This Rochester, New York lady was raised in a bake shop and dreams about opening an allergen-free bakery some day. Until then, feast your eyes on her great recipes.

Sorry I Can't Eat That - Allie in Western Massachusetts gives out advice on gluten-free groceries, restaurants and other places.

The Spunky Coconut - A Colorado mom and food coach/personal cook that specializes in gluten-free, casein-free and sugar-free cooking dishes out some great, healthy recipes. She is also the author of the new "Spunky Coconut Cookbook".

Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried - Naomi over in England is a homeopath and her recipes for lovely, healthy and kid-friendly treats are spectacular. She also started the blogging event, Go Ahead, Honey, It's Gluten-Free, to inspire theme-based gluten-free recipe roundups.

Strawberries are Gluten Free - A Canadian mom of three young kids and a celiac husband who shares her family-friendly recipes and menus.

Sugar and Spice - A Boston girl who likes to cook, read nonfiction, kick box and watch the Red Sox.

Sure Foods Living - Alison, a California mom, maintain a excellent informational blog about living gluten-free and avoiding other food allergens.

Tasty Eats at Home
- This Texas mom knows how to put a great meal on the table quickly, even when it's gluten-free and from scratch.

La Tartine Gourmande - French ex-pat Bea (accent aigue in there over the e) is a food and travel writer/photographer, whose blog is achingly beautiful. Find over 100 gluten-free recipes in her recipe index.

Trav's Gone Gluten-Free - Philadelphian Travis explores the gluten-free world, with many recipes and reviews of gluten-free beers and other products.

Triumph Dining - The publishers of the "Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide" and Grocery Guide have a blog packed with tips about finding gluten-free food throughout the U.S.

- Culinary Wordsmith Stephanie Stiavetti blogs about gluten-free food, photography, organic cooking, and health issues from her computer in San Francisco.

Wheat Free Meat Free - Kalinda cooks for her vegetarian celiac husband in Chicago and this blog features her great recipes and wonderful food photos.

Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen - Husband and wife nutritionists and cookbook authors Ali and Tom have a wonderful blog about healthy, gluten-free eating coming to us from Bellingham, Washington.

A Year of Crockpotting - Stephanie is the hilarious, gluten-free chef who has a strong attraction to her herd of crock pots--but she's OK with that. A funny and tasty food blog which started on January 1, 2008 with a new crock pot recipe each day.

This list is just an appetizer, there are so many other great gluten-free food bloggers out there that I haven't had time to taste and more sprout each day. If you have a gluten-free food blog that you would me to sample and add to this blogroll, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get to it.


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That is one incredible list! Thanks for doing it. :D

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Thank you so much for the great list - I look forward to reading!

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this list is so impressive! i am both getting excited and getting increasingly hungry as I look through them all!

even though my blog is just starting out, I wonder if you'll consider adding it to your list? even if not, please do check it out: and thanks for your excellent resource! :)

Jeanine said...

Wow, what a great list! And thank you so much for including my little blog in it, I appreciate it! Looks like there are over 50 on that list I've never visited before, but thanks to you, I can change that! :)

Jennifer F Schloss said...

What a great list! I can't wait to check them all out.

I have a new blog that I would love for you to check out and consider adding to the list.

I just started last month. It includes recipes, information, ideas, and Los Angeles area restaurant reviews. All gluten free, of course!

Marsha said...

I am stunned at such a comprehensive list! Thanks for all the research. I've just started blogging gluten-free too and I'm excited to see such an arena of talent to look up to. Marsha

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what a great collection. thanks for taking the time to do this.

hooray gluten free food that tastes delicious!

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Thank you very much!

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Wow, what a list! Starting on the gluten free journey has suddenly become much easier! It's great to glean so much GF wisdom from others who are willing to share what they've learned. Thank you for sharing!

Paula at

Bill said...

Awesome list. Thanks for taking the time to compile them. I'm starting up that covers news, food, and insights into living GF. If that matches what you're looking for I'd love to be added to your list. I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll. Cheers...Bill

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thanks for adding me :)

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What a fabulous list --thanks for including me!

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Thanks so much for including me in your list! That is the coolest list I have ever soon! You rock! Happy GF eats! :) GFTiff at MakeMineGlutenFree

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What a great list! Would you mind adding me? I am trying to establish readership for my new blog! I've been eating/cooking gluten free for 2+ years. Thank you so much!

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Thanks for including me, Rachel! This is such a great compilation of gf blogs - I'm having a great time making my way down the list!

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Kudos Rachel for all the work to keep this list updated. There's many blogs I haven't heard of and will have to visit. Thanks for including me.

Lyra said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog list! I'm back in Eugene, Oregon now. :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I kept wishing I had a list like this. I have found shorter lists but there are so many of us out there and we all have a connection. I want to visit them all but slowly and I hope people will visit me. I am always looking for ideas to make hubby happy.

This must have taken quite a while to accomplish. Thank you so much. You must know how much you are appreciated.

By the way, I am having a Give Away at

Ricki said...

What an amazing list--thanks for putting it together! My blog is now 100% gluten free (has been since March 2009). It's also egg free, dairy free and sugar free--yikes! ;)

Jennifer Gluten Free in Georgia said...

Thanks for putting together such a great list. Please consider adding my blog:

I am good friends with Ginger of GFinGF and write on as their Gwinnett GF Examiner. I also work locally as the GF Product Specialist for Return to Eden.

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Great list. I'm kind of new to the blogging scene, but have lots of great info as well.

Amanda on Maui said...

Thank you for posting my blog! By the way, my name is Amanda (not Angela).

Accustomed Chaos said...

Thanks for such an extensive list! if you get time come check out my gf blog:

Accustomed Chaos

Trials and tribulations of a SAHM raising 3 kids in a gluten free household. Sharing product reviews, recipes, rants, tricks and tips for gluten free parenting.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this - thank you so much for the time, effort, and caring to gather these all together and share! VERY much appreciated!!! Have been gluten free for only 2 months at age 55 - absolute life changing indeed!!